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Best Monkey Stuffed Animals

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Adorable SOCK MONKEY Stuffed Animal


This Adorable stuffed sock monkey which is a perfect choice for kids that love to cuddle. The materials used to knit this together are also very soft.

These plush materials are what attracts kids to this stuffed monkey the most.

In addition to this, there is a variety of colors used in the design. these include brown, white, and red. This provides children with a ton of visual stimulation and creates a sense of excitement.

  • Huggable plush stuffing
  • Soft knitting materials
  • Various colors for visual learning
  • Some aren’t fans of the floppy design

They’ve incorporated a variety of color with this that gives it a unique look. This helps kids to be stimulated via their visual senses more.

2Bedtime Originals Plush Ollie


This Bedtime Originals baby stuffed monkey is named is Ollie. He’s immensely soft and perfect for cuddling. It’s available at 8” in size, which is a great size for younger kids to handle comfortably.

It features a fantastic 2 ton plush design. This makes it even softer and huggable for children.

We liked the attention they paid to detail while designing the baby monkey stuffed animal too. The eyes and mouth have been stitched with soft materials. So, there’s nothing that could catch on your child and be a danger.

Parents have been appreciative when it comes to washing this. You can throw it in the washing machine on a cycle that’s gentle. You can then tumble dry it and it’s ready for more play.

  • Super soft materials
  • Attention to details
  • Easy washing
  • Not so good for cuddling

With a 2 tone plush feature, this is one of the softest monkey stuffed animals in our review. Even the stitching used for the mouth and eyes incorporates soft fabrics. This makes it very huggable and safe for kids.

3Skip Hop Bandana Buddies


The Skip Hop Bandana Buddies monkey stuffed animals comes with characters that have been stuffed with soft plush materials. On the outside, you can find a textured material.

This texture is perfect for Toddlers who are teething. They can chew on the surface of this safely.

In addition to the textures, there are also a variety of sounds and patterns. These ensure that children are provided with plenty of stimulation – visually, physically, and sonically.

Their motor skills are also able to develop well as a result of touching the different textures.

Parents have also been liking how all the materials used are free from harmful toxins.

  • Various textures available
  • Sounds for audible learning
  • Textures for teething
  • Free from harmful materials
  • Stitching could be improved

The various textures, patterns, and sounds are all awesome for helping kids to improve their sensory skills. With a special texture on the top layer, they can also use this monkey as a teether.

4Mary Meyer Taggies Dazzle Dots


The Mary Meyer Taggies Dazzle Dots is a small stuffed monkey has been made using very soft materials. They’ve implemented microfiber fabrics which come with some fantastic embroidery features.

This adds another layer of detail to it which kids can be stimulated by.

It’s equipped with a ribbon tag that’s been looped. This is a patented design that younger children have been finding entertaining. It also helps them to develop motor skills as they love touching and playing with it.

All of the materials used to go through strict regulations to ensure that they’re completely safe for kids.

Most children are also happy with the size of the stuffed animal. It fits their hands well which can make it easier to play with.

  • Very soft microfiber materials
  • Embroidery details
  • Develops motor skills
  • Safe for kids
  • Too small for some

The looped ribbon tag is something that intrigues kids and allows them to improve their motor skills. With super soft microfiber materials, children can also hug the monkey in comfort.

5 Interactive Infant Baby Music Monkey


The materials used to create this include short floss and cloth. Both of which are soft and have been passed the strict safety regulations for kids.

We liked how they’ve designed this stuffed monkey. It comes with a clip on its head which you can use to connect it to your child’s bed. Itplays music and also vibrates.

This provides children with plenty of stimulation. The vibration is great for activating their motor skills and the music is a good way for them to begin learning audibly.

One of the main features that help the younger kid included the teething hand. One of the hands on this monkey has been made with materials that are suitable for chewing.

  • Babies are able to teeth
  • Develops audible hearing skills
  • Improves motor skills
  • Easy clip on design
  • Some would prefer if it had 2 teether


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