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Despite their small size, these characters can kick some ass. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 kids in video games.
For this list, we ranked the most memorable and appealing child characters who first appeared in video games. Our Age limit is 16, so if they’re older they won’t qualify. As usual, one character per franchise.

“Kid Icarus” series (1987-)

A lot of gamers were introduced to this angelic character through “Super Smash Bros. Brawl,” but he was fighting the evil goddess Medusa long before that. Although his 8 bit incarnation didn’t really let much of a personality shine though, players got to hear Pit speak in the Kid Icarus Uprising on the 3DS years later. And speak he did…

 Alma Wade
“F.E.A.R.” series (2005-2011)

Brute strength is something to be feared, but psychic abilities can have even worse effects. This girl was tested for all imaginable types of psychic powers when she was a young child, and she passed them all with flying colors. Unfortunately, the color she was most fond of flying was red, as in blood, so now it’s up to you to stop her. That’s easier said that done, as she often only appears in your line of sight for a mere second before vanishing in front of your very eyes.

“Sonic the Hedgehog” series (1992-)

Even a hedgehog with super-speed could use some help sometimes, and this fox is here for him. Also known as “Miles Prower,” he’s a mechanical genius with two tails that can propel him in the air. Not only that, but they can attack enemies while he’s in the air. He can also swim, which his pal Sonic can’t do, making him extra helpful. Plus aside from Knuckles, he’s the only one of Sonic’s friends that doesn’t annoy us.

“Earthbound” series (1995-)

Don’t be fooled by his small size—this boy is a force to be reckoned with. His psychic abilities, known as PSI, are enough to make his enemies cower in fear, or cry uncontrollably, as his PSI Flash does. He’s also got weapons like a baseball bat or a yo-yo if he’d rather just bash their brains in. He’s not a complete unstoppable killing machine though, as he does need to call home whenever he’s feeling homesick.

“Kingdom Hearts” series (2002-)

This guy can get a little whiny, but his commitment to save his friends Riku and Kairi is enough to get him this high on the list. He’s also got an impressive capability to wield his Kingdom Key Keyblade, which comes in handy when he needs to take out some enemy Heartless. Plus, he’s friend’s with Mickey mouse, how cool is that?

“The Last of Us” (2013)

You’d have to be tough to survive a zombie apocalypse, and this young teenager certainly has a thick skin. She needed to grow one when her mother died when Ellie was just one day old, leaving her to face the ravaged world as an orphan. Thankfully, the protagonist Joel comes to escort her across the country, but she is very helpful to him along the way by pinpointing enemies. And, if push comes to zombie, she’s able to hold her own in a fight against the infected.

 Jimmy Hopkins
“Bully” (2006)

As the title of the game suggests, this character’s a bit of a punk, but it certainly makes him entertaining. He’s been expelled from every school he ever attended, but he arrives at Bullworth Academy, the game’s setting, seemingly unafraid to get in trouble. Really, it’s his enemies who should be afraid, because he’s got impressive fighting abilities with his hands and feet, as well as weapons like the spud cannon.

“The Walking Dead” series (2012-)

This title is widely considered to be one of the best examples of storytelling in gaming, and that’s due in large part to the powerful relationship this character forms with the convicted killer Lee. Her wide eyes make you sympathetic to her right away, but it’s her plucky personality and remarkable courage that make her unforgettable. Only a girl with serious bravery could make it through a zombie outbreak without her parents. Clem especially shines in the 2nd season where she has to take on a more direct role.
Before we get to our number one, let’s take a look at some honorable mentions.

“Pokemon” series (1996-)

Baby Mario
“Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island” (1995)

Diddy Kong
“Donkey Kong” series (1994-)

Alex Kidd
“Alex Kidd in Miracle World” (1987)

The Kid
“Bastion” (2011)

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